Thursday Tips: Consider Your Audience

Today’s tip goes for all aspects of your wedding, although I’ve catered it specifically to the music on your day. Consider your audience.

Of course your wedding day is all about you and your hubby, and everything that has meaning and is important to the two of you, but you are also sharing it with your loved ones. I’m sure you want them to have a great time and have fond memories. As far as music goes, this issue really comes into play during the reception, when it’s time to dance.

If you’re having a DJ, and you don’t give him a play list (or a no-play list) he pretty much has free reign, and will most likely play whatever is popular to dance to, as well as requests from the guests.

If you don’t have a lot of older family members, and/or haven’t invited children to your wedding, and you just want to have a wild dance party with your friends, then go for it! Or if the older members of your family are wild, same goes.

The main point of this tip is, consider who will be there, and try to blend create something that everyone can enjoy. Throw in some older songs with the current ones, and consider the song lyrics of the current pop songs that your DJ may use, before giving him free reign. If this isn’t a concern for you, then don’t worry about it, but I’ve known brides who let their DJ’s played whatever they wanted, and then regretted some of the music that was played.

For brides and grooms to be, check out our list of from the 1950’s to today that will get people dancing. Just to make life easier for you, there are asterisks* next to the songs with questionable lyrics so that you can decide if they are appropriate for your wedding.

And if you do have song concerns, you may want to reconsider the Do-Not-Play List for your DJ.
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